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What They're Saying About The Hunting Heritage Trust:

"One new organization I'm convinced can make a difference is the Hunting Heritage Trust. I'm convinced that the work they are poised to do can make a lot of good things happen for hunters. But they cannot succeed without our support."...Todd Smith, Editor in Chief, Outdoor Life Magazine

"Now more than ever in today's uncertain world, we all share the responsibility to give something back to the traditions we cherish. The Heritage Trust gives us this opportunity . What we do with it as individuals and as leaders in the business community will determine how the Heritage Trust will benefit the generations to come. Their future depends on us."...August Busch, IV, President, Anheuser Busch and Chairman of the first-ever Hunting Heritage Trust Fundraiser.

"I'm impressed by the fact that the Heritage Trust has been created through the support of many hunting and sporting organizations and their leadership is committed to long-term funding and coordinated support. It s not going to compete or conflict with existing organizations, but rather help these groups do their important work more effectively."...Rob Keck, Chief Executive Officer, National Wild Turkey Federation

"I have been the auctioneer at numerous fundraisers for various organizations including Ducks Unlimited, National Rifle Association, Foundation For North American Wild Sheep and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for whom I was the national auctioneer for over 10 years. And, this first (Hunting Heritage Trust) event was by far the finest first-time event I have ever attended."...Merritt Pride, Lost Fork Ranch, Montana

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