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Grant Guidelines


1. The Board of Directors of the Hunting Heritage Trust
(The Trust) will announce on approximately November l of each year the amount of funding available for grants and the specific Priority Program Areas (PPAs)for which funding will be considered. This announcement will be distributed to appropriate media and web sites and will be posted on The Trust website,

2. The deadline for receipt of grant proposals shall be approximately January 1 of each year. The exact deadline date will be specified in each year's official announcement.

3. Applicants will be notified of the Grant Review Committee's decisions on approximately March 1 of each year. The exact date will be specified in that years official announcement.

4. Funds shall be dispersed according to the schedule defined in your grant proposal (see Budget Attachment A) or according to a schedule mutually agreed upon between The Trust and grantee.

5. Successful applicants will be required to report status and progress of funded program(s) quarterly, at minimum.

6. Emergency or special opportunity proposals may be considered by TheTrust Board. Applicants for such special grants are urged to contact the Trust prior to submission of any such proposals.

Priority Program Areas

Priority Program Areas

To assist grant applicants in preparing grant proposals for programs or projects that are consistent with the objectives and priorities of The
Hunting Heritage Trust, the Trust Board of Directors shall establish clear Priority Program Areas. The Priority Program Areas most recently approved by The Trust Board are defined below.

1. Hunting Heritage - this Priority Program Area would encompass programs that, in the view of the Board of Directors, will protect and enhance our hunting heritage. Programs may address hunting participation, education, ethics, image or related areas that would measurably increase public understanding of and/or participation in hunting.

2. Shooting Sports Opportunity - this Priority Program Area would encompass programs that would facilitate participation in the recreational shooting sports. Programs might encourage beginner entry into the shooting sports and/or provide the means and/or incentive for continued involvement, including competition.

3. Voter Education - this Priority Program Area would encompass programs,
which would educate the public to the importance of voting in local, state, national and special elections as a means of ensuring our hunting heritage, shooting sports opportunity and firearms freedoms.

Grant Scoring Criteria

Grant Scoring Criteria

The Grant Review Committee will consider the following factors in scoring each grant.

Relevance - Is the proposed project consistent with the PPAs outlined above?

Need-Does the proposed program address a clear need or is it similar to established and effective programs already in place?

Economy - Is the program budget realistic in terms of the effort and results outlined and in terms of costs for comparable activities. Also is the requested amount realistic in consideration of the total funding available from The Trust for the specified term? The total grant request for multi-year grants (grants requesting funding over two or more years) will be charged against the funds available in the year the grant is approved. (Example:
A grant proposal requesting $10,000 per year for three years must be viewed by the Review Committee as a request for $30,000 in the year the grant is

Expertise-Do the program administrators and/or contractors have experience and competence in the program areas outlined?

Measurability-To what extent can the program results/outcome be measured and to what extent have the grant applicants planned to effectively measure outcome?

Matching Funds-Matching funds are not required but programs with matching funds already committed or which have significant potential to receive matching funds may have an advantage over programs requesting 100% funding from The Heritage Trust.

Duration-What is the duration of the proposed project? If an ongoing program, how will the program be funded after The Trust funding expires?

Grant Proposal Format and Info

Proposals should be prepared in the following format. Applicants are asked to limit the narrative portion of proposals to 10 pages or less.

1. In general, all proposals must:

a. Have one inch margins;

b. A font size of at least 11;

c. Be submitted electronically as one document in Microsoft Word format
or, if mailed as "Hard Copy", proposals must be accompanied by a $100.00 processing fee.

2. The first page of your proposal should be a one- page Executive Summary of the project containing the following information:

I. Descriptive Name of Program/Project

II. Applicant Information:

Contact Name

Legal name of applicant organization


Phone, email, fax

III. Tax Status of Applicant (501c3, 501c6, etc.)

IV. Project Objective(s)

V. Proposed Length of Project (number of years)

VI. Amount of Grant Funding Requested for Each Year of the Project

VII. Primary Priority Program Area Addressed in this Proposal

Name the primary PPA addressed in this proposal (others may be mentioned
in the proposal text).

VIII. Summary Statement

A 250-word summary (or less) of project justification, methodologies, and expected results.

3. The main body and contents of the proposal should contain the following information:

a. Title - A short descriptive name of the proposed program/project.

b. Objective - Provide a concise statement of the purpose of the project in quantified terms where possible.

c. Need - Why address this problem? State the Priority Program Area that this proposed project addresses, in whole or in part, and mention any other PPAs that may be addressed.

d. Experience - Include a brief status report on the history of previous work conducted by the applicant and/or others to address this need.

e. Expected Results or Benefits - What will be gained by funding this proposed project? How does the successful completion of the project meet all or part of the Priority Program Area? Benefits should be expressed in quantified terms where possible.

1. Additionally, proposals should clearly address in specific detail how any products/materials produced with grant funds will be used, by whom, and the expected and continued benefits of these once the grant expires.

f. Approach - How will the proposed project be conducted? Describe the process to be followed to meet the projects objective(s) including a description of techniques and methods to be used, and a chronological schedule of accomplishments. Describe how the applicant will monitor project progress and measure progress in achieving objectives.

1. If contractors are identified in the proposal, specific information on how the contractor was selected and justification for their selection should be provided.

2. If a contractor will be selected to complete project-related work, please indicate which tasks the contractor will complete.

g. Project Costs - An itemized budget showing funds requested for each year of the project must be included in the proposal narrative.

1. Please follow the budget outline provided (Attachment A) to ensure all costs are clearly represented. This outline may be modified to accommodate additional expenses or special considerations.

h. Expertise - What are the qualifications of key personnel? A resume not exceeding one page for key personnel working on the project that specifically describes their qualifications as they relate to the project should be submitted.

Submission Process

Deadline-- No grant applications are being accepted at this time.

For updates or additional information contact (address to come).

Budget Attachment

The budget attachment will be available for download only when the next round of grant applications is announced.

Thank You.
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