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Grant Scoring Criteria

Grant Scoring Criteria

The Grant Review Committee will consider the following factors in scoring each grant.

Relevance - Is the proposed project consistent with the PPAs outlined above?

Need-Does the proposed program address a clear need or is it similar to established and effective programs already in place?

Economy - Is the program budget realistic in terms of the effort and results outlined and in terms of costs for comparable activities. Also is the requested amount realistic in consideration of the total funding available from The Trust for the specified term? The total grant request for multi-year grants (grants requesting funding over two or more years) will be charged against the funds available in the year the grant is approved. (Example:
A grant proposal requesting $10,000 per year for three years must be viewed by the Review Committee as a request for $30,000 in the year the grant is

Expertise-Do the program administrators and/or contractors have experience and competence in the program areas outlined?

Measurability-To what extent can the program results/outcome be measured and to what extent have the grant applicants planned to effectively measure outcome?

Matching Funds-Matching funds are not required but programs with matching funds already committed or which have significant potential to receive matching funds may have an advantage over programs requesting 100% funding from The Heritage Trust.

Duration-What is the duration of the proposed project? If an ongoing program, how will the program be funded after The Trust funding expires?

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