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For Administration of “Treasures & Traditions”®

Online Auction of Consigned Items



Date of Issuance: September 22, 2014                   Closing Date:  October 10, 2014



The Hunting Heritage Trust is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created in 2002 by leaders from hunting, conservation and shooting sports organizations. A priority of the Trust is to sponsor programs to increase public understanding and appreciation of our unique American hunting heritage.

Since 2007, the Hunting Heritage Trust has administered a “Treasures & Traditions” online auction of firearms and related outdoor equipment on GunBroker.com with proceeds benefiting the Trust.

The foundation of the “Treasures & Traditions” program has been the auction of firearms and other items that had been donated.  Recently, the Hunting Heritage Trust has explored options for expanding its “Treasures & Traditions” program to include the auction of firearms and other high-value sporting items that would be consigned to the “Treasures & Traditions” auction. In September 2014, the Hunting Heritage Trust Board of Directors approved a program whereby a for-profit contractor would be licensed to administer a consignment-sale component of the “Treasures & Traditions” auction, paying the Trust a royalty on the auction proceeds. The Board also directed that a committee of the Board should issue a “Request for Proposals” for administration of the consignment auction program.

The selected contractor will enter into an agreement with Hunting Heritage Trust to conduct the consignment program on such terms as are agreeable to the parties.  All costs of the consignment program are to be borne by the selected contractor.

Scope of Work

The contractor administering this program will be required, at minimum, to provide the following services:

          -Solicit items for consignment

-Review items proposed for consignment and accept or reject proposed consignment items

-Provide for shipping, storage and insurance of consigned items

-Negotiate terms of consignment with Consignor, including commission rates to be paid contractor, payment terms, security and insurance, shipping and storage procedures, auction listing details, etc.

-Agree to accept items offered as full donation to Hunting Heritage Trust, to coordinate listing of these fully donated items on GunBroker.com and submit auction proceeds to Hunting Heritage Trust less an agreed-upon commission to contractor

-Administer all aspects of the auction on www.GunBroker.com including preparing item descriptions, establishing minimum bid, photography, payment, shipping, etc. Through special arrangement with Hunting Heritage Trust, GunBroker.com will charge no fees to the contractor administering this program.

-Prepare reports and submit royalty payments to Hunting Heritage Trust

-Provide for annual independent audit of transactions and payments by an accounting firm selected by Hunting Heritage Trust

-Create Consignment Agreement between contractor and the Consignor. (Master Consignment Agreement requires approval by Hunting Heritage Trust. Individual agreements with consignors will not require Heritage Trust review.)



To Administer Licensed “Treasures & Traditions” Online Auction with Royalty Payment to the Hunting Heritage Trust


Please Note: Submitter should feel free to submit a separate proposal containing, at minimum, the information requested below.


Proposal Submitted by:


Company Name:                                                                                                       




City:                                                                ST:                         Zip:                      


Contact Name:                                                                                                          


Contact’s title:                                                                                                           








Please describe your background with the administration of fund-raising auctions or similar activities. You may attach a resume or related information if convenient.




II-Solicitation of Items


Please describe your proposal for the solicitation of consigned items:




III–Evaluation of Items Proposed for Consignment


Please describe your proposal for the review/evaluation/appraisal of items proposed for consignment:




IV–Acceptance/Rejection of Items Proposed for Consignment


Please describe your criteria/procedures for accepting/rejecting items proposed for consignment:




V–Terms of Consignment:


Please describe your proposed Terms of Consignment with Consignors, including range of commissions, shipping expenses, insurance, storage, item descriptions and photography, etc.:



VI- Auction Listing Policies/Procedures


Please outline your proposed procedure for listing items on www.GunBroker.com, including preparation of accurate item descriptions, obtaining photographs, establishing minimum bids, establishing reserve prices, refund policy, etc.



VII-Terms of Royalty Payment to Hunting Heritage Trust


Please outline your proposed Royalty payments to the Hunting Heritage Trust, including percentage of royalty, basis on which royalty shall be calculated, payment schedule, etc.






Please indicate whether you propose to provide online auction administrative services exclusively to the Hunting Heritage Trust during the term of your agreement or if you wish to retain the opportunity to provide similar services to others.




IX-Payment Schedule/Procedures


Please describe the schedule and procedures whereby you would submit Royalty payments to the  Trust and provide for annual audit:




X- Other Proposals/Considerations


Please describe any additional income-generating elements to this program you would like to propose, terms you would like considered as part of your proposal, etc.




Comments: Please Note: The Hunting Heritage Trust reserves the right to request clarification or amplification of information contained in any proposal submission.

Completed Proposals may be faxed, emailed or mailed to: Hunting Heritage Trust, c/o Scott Mitchell, Melillo & Mitchell, LLC, 6 Berkshire Blvd., Unit 301, Bethel, CT 06801; fax 203 744 0279, email scott@melillo-mitchell.com

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