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Success of "Treasures & Traditions" Program Signals New Avenue of Support for Hunting and Shooting Traditions

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The Hunting Heritage Trust's innovative "Treasures & Traditions" online auction program has captured the attention and the support of hunters and shooters nationwide and has created an exciting new avenue of support for our hunting and shooting sports traditions.
The new program features the weekly online auction of donated firearms, optics, knives and other quality hunting and shooting items, with all proceeds going toward efforts to grow and protect our nation's hunting and shooting sports heritage. The auction is hosted and actively supported by popular online auction site, GunBroker.com.
"This effort was founded on the belief that there are many dedicated hunters and shooters who have firearms and other hunting and shooting-related items that they would be eager to donate to support our hunting and shooting sports heritage," commented, Bob Delfay, President of the Hunting Heritage Trust. "Even though the program has barely begun, we have received donations of nearly 300 new and used items including about 50 very nice firearms."
"This is one of the best ideas to come down the pike in many years," commented Jim Hollingsworth of Pipersville, Pennsylvania, one of the first donors to the program. "It's a great deal for the donor because you receive a tax deduction at the same time that you are "giving back" to the traditions that have been so important in your life. It's a great deal for the buyer who can obtain quality hunting and shooting equipment while supporting the future of our outdoor heritage. Heck, it's just a terrific deal all around".
More than 50,000 potential bidders have viewed the first three week's items and bidding has been very active. "The number of viewers and bidders has been exceeded only by their enthusiasm," Delfay commented. "We knew that we had a great partner in GunBroker.com but we had no idea that so many potential buyers would view our items or bid so actively in a short period of time. More than $11,800.00 has been raised in the first three weeks of the effort.
"We are not asking anyone to donate their first .22 or the special guns they may be saving for their grandkids," Delfay commented. "Instead, we are asking dedicated hunters and shooters if there might be a gun in the back of their safe that they'd be willing to donate to help make the future of hunting and shooting safe".
Proceeds from the "Treasures & Traditions" auctions will be used to support a wide variety of worthwhile organizations and initiatives, including the Hunting Heritage Trust and other hunting and shooting sports groups. "One of the things that attracted us to this program is the Heritage Trust's commitment to share proceeds with other groups and to earmark 100% of certain auction proceeds to specific groups and causes such as youth shooting education, the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team and others," commented Steve Urvan, President of GunBroker.com.
New "Treasures & Traditions" auctions will be announced each week, with a number of specially-themed weeks such as "Waterfowl Weeks", "Whitetail Weeks", Christmas Month and others. The weekly auctions will continue for at least 52 weeks. Those interested in bidding can view the items and register free of charge at www.GunBroker.com.
The Hunting Heritage Trust has issued a "Call for Donations" of firearms and other related hunting and shooting collectibles. Interested donors can obtain forms and additional information at www.huntingheritagetrust.org. Because of the expenses involved in shipping and properly handling all donations, the Trust asks that donations be limited to items with an estimated value of at least $100.00.
All donors will be provided with appropriate receipts and related information to substantiate their income tax deductions. Donors will also receive an original "Heritage Certificate" featuring a photograph of the firearm or item they donated and recognizing their contribution to the future of our hunting and shooting sports heritage.

Success of "Treasures & Traditions" Program
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