Consignment- Five Easy Steps

Step 1-Prospective Consignor Contacts the Trust. A potential consignor might want to sell a few guns in the short term or discuss options for sale of a large collection in the future. Whatever the situation, we will professionally discuss the proposed consignment, discuss timeframe and answer any questions you may have about how the “Treasures & Traditions” program works, fees, etc. That first conversation will usually determine whether the “Treasures & Tradition” auction is right for the prospective consignor. If both parties agree to go forward with the relationship, the next step will be an “Initial Appraisal.”

Step 2-Preparing an “Initial Appraisal” Some potential consignors will already have a good idea of what their firearms/items may be worth. Others will have little or no idea. In most cases, we are able to provide an “Initial Appraisal” following a few phone calls or emails. In the case of some larger, special interest collections, both parties may agree that a visit by a professional appraiser is prudent. The consignor must pay any appraisal costs but all costs will be reimbursed by the Hunting Heritage Trust upon the signing of a “Consignment Agreement”.

Step 3- Preparing a Consignment Agreement. Depending on the number and appraised value of firearms/items involved, the Consignment Agreement might take the form of a simple email or a more formal legal document specifying commissions, schedules, insurance, auction terms, payment procedures, cancellation provisions, etc.

Step 4- Shipping.  Arranging for the safe, legal and insured transportation of your consigned items is of paramount importance.  Your shipment of firearms can go directly from you to our Federal Firearms Licensee in South Carolina. We can arrange for Fed-Ex to pick up your consignment or you can select a shipper. If you do not have appropriate shipping containers, we will provide FAA-approved hard shipping cases at our cost. Insurance is provided at our cost.

Step 5-The Auction Process. After we receive your items, we will prepare a description of the item including condition, special features, date of manufacturer, notes on any special provenance, etc. We will emphasize positive features and point out blemishes. This description will be sent to you for review. We will have the item(s) professionally photographed and will post them on, typically for 14 days. Payment is by check within 10 days of the completed sale. Other payment terms may be arranged.

Note: Immediate Purchase of Your Items. At the consignor’s request, “Treasures & Traditions” will consider the immediate purchase of individual items or collections.

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