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“Return of a Monarch”

Henry Presentation .45-70

American Bison Tribute


Serial # 0032 of 1091



In 1889, William Hornady, a founder of the American Bison Society, compiled a tally of Bison in North America. He recorded 85 wild, 256 in private herds, 550 near Great Slave Lake in Canada and 200 under Federal protection in the United States.

Of the tens of millions of Bison that once ranged America, the American Bison Society reported that only 1,091 remained.                         

The Hunting Heritage Trust is proud to present this “Return of a Monarch” tribute to the iconic American Bison. We celebrate the Bison’s return from the brink of extinction to healthy populations with this Special Bison Tribute of 1,091 specially engraved Henry Repeating Arms .45-70 rifles.

The Hunting Heritage Trust has auctioned more than 50 of these American Bison Tributes at prices between $6225 to $1595.

Custom-Engraved Henry Brass Receiver 45-70




The rifle selected for the “”Return of a Monarch” Tribute is the Henry Repeating Arms .45-70 lever action with brass receiver and presentation-grade Walnut stock. The .45-70 has been a part of the American shooting scene for nearly 150 years but the Henry lever action .45-70 with solid brass receiver has been available to Henry Repeating fans and .45-70 fans for just a short time.

This new brass receiver Model  H010B features a 22-inch octagonal barrel and four-round capacity. Receiver is drilled and tapped for a Weaver 63B mount. Also features solid brass butt plate, sling swivels, large loop lever, full adjustable semi-buckhorn rear and brass beaded front sight. Overall rifle length is 40.4” and weight is 8.10 pounds.

Stock is straight grip Presentation grade American walnut. The photos showing each side of butt stock and each side of forearm are photos of the gun you are bidding on. Other photos are generic photos provided by our friends at Henry.

Engraving on the right side of the receiver is based on an original charcoal drawing, “On the Brink” created for this project by well-known South Dakota artist Ray Kelly. It portrays a Bison bull and cow looking over an expanse of prairie that once included thousands of grazing bison. The question posed by the painting is whether Bison, then on the brink, would ever again graze American prairies.  The “Return of a Monarch” Bison Tribute celebrates the fact that, today; Bison again graze America’s prairies by the thousands.

Engraving on receiver’s left side is based on a Wild Wings exclusive Rosemary Millett oil painting entitled “Dusty Plains Bison”.  Millet created the painting after watching two bison bulls walk across a South Dakota plain and being amazed at how much dust two ambling bison could generate.

Your rifle symbolizes one of the last 1,091 bison remaining in America in 1889. It is unique opportunity to show your respect for the Bison—named America’s National Mammal in 2016.

The photos of butt stock and forearm shown in this listing are of the actual presentation grade walnut on the Serial # 0032BISON1091 you are bidding on.

High bidder will also earn the opportunity order a companion Bowie knife and/or art prints with matching serial numbers. These are optional and can be ordered after this auction.



The funds generated through the Treasures & Traditions auction will benefit the Hunting Heritage Trust. Its mission is to provide support for innovative programs and strategic actions that will help perpetuate America's hunting and shooting sports heritage. The Hunting Heritage Trust is recognized as a 501c3 public charity by the IRS. 


Terms and Conditions:

  • Items listed on this auction will only be transferred in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • Buyer to pre-pay in US funds via credit card. check or money order.
  • All shipping free.
  • Payment must be received within 7 days of close of auction.


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