“Return of a Monarch” Bowie Knife

From American Bison Tribute

Serial # 0093 of 1091




In 1889, William Hornady, a founder of the American Bison Society, compiled a tally of Bison in North America. He recorded 85 wild, 256 in private herds, 550 near Great Slave Lake in Canada and 200 under Federal protection in the United States.

Of the tens of millions of Bison that once ranged America, the American Bison Society reported that only 1,091 remained.

The Hunting Heritage Trust recently announced a “Return of a Monarch” tribute to the iconic American Bison. The tribute includes a specially engraved Henry 45-70 rifle, engraved and numbered Ross Tyser Bowie knives and two specially commissioned art prints. More information at www.bisontribute.org

Ross Tyser “Bison Tribute” Bowie Knife

One of the most impressive components of  the “Return of a Monarch” Bison Tribute series is this hand-forged Bowie knife by nationally known knife maker, Ross Tyser and you have the opportunity to buy this Serial # 0093BISON1091.

This classic Bowie is a full 14 inches from tip to butt. Blade is 8.25 inches long and 2 inches wide at its widest.  Handle is Desert Ironwood.  Ross said “In creating this Bison tribute, I strived for a truly ‘American Blade’.  In doing so, the first and most compelling design that came to mind was the classic Bowie. I also chose to go old school with a leather pre-guard in front of the Bronze cross guard.  In my view, a Full tang was the only option for this knife to maintain a clean classic profile.  My choice for blade material was 52100, while there is a good chance that most of  these knives will never see use in the field it is my desire that should the need arise the knife will be able to perform the task at hand at the time.  Every knife in this series is hand made and numbered by me in my shop in South Carolina and shipped direct to the buyer”.  

Ross Tyser has been selected to create more SHOT Show Auction knives than any knife maker in the 27-year history of the SHOT Show auction.

The left side of the blade features an engraved rendition of the original “On the Brink” artwork by Ray Kelly and the right side of the blade features Ross Tyser’s signature. The knife’s unique serial number is featured on the spine.

A limited number of the  Ross Tyser Bison Tribute Bowies are available at www.bisontribute.org for $695.00

Your knife will be shipped with an oak walnut display case as shown in the photos. Please allow 7 days for shipping. Fed-ex notice with tracking will be sent when shipped.


The funds generated through the Treasures & Traditions auction will benefit the Hunting Heritage Trust. Its mission is to provide support for innovative programs and strategic actions that will help perpetuate America's hunting and shooting sports heritage. The Hunting Heritage Trust is recognized as a 501c3 public charity by the IRS. 


Terms and Conditions:

  • Items listed on this auction will only be transferred in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • Buyer to pre-pay in US funds via credit card. check or money order.
  • As per listing
  • Payment must be received within 7 days of close of auction.


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